A Bit About Me

Before arriving in Singapore, I'd been working at the American Embassy School in New Delhi for seven years. Hailing from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, "A Great Place on a Great Lake," I developed a wanderlust as a kid, sitting between my mom and dad on the cushy armrest of their tanker-like Oldsmobile, trying desperately not to hork. While venturing down the county highways of Florida, Texas or Wyoming, my dad would urge me to follow the map and keep an eye out for the next turn. It was not long before I had seen all of the continental forty-eight and gained a penchant for perusing maps.

My passion for exploring new countries began during an opportunity to travel with a high school German class to central Europe during June and July of 1988. I found myself enchanted by all of it--old castles, new words, beautiful tastes. During college, I began saving every dime to buy plane tickets. I met Jennifer, my honey, at university in 1991. I soon learned that she, too, enjoyed the road, so we found ourselves heading out every chance we could muster. We even took a trip to the north woods of Wisconsin--Hodag Country--to get hitched. Upon graduation from university, I was lucky enough to secure a Fulbright Fellowship to study the history and philosophy of Buddhism in Sri Lanka for the better part of a year. I studied at Peradeniya University in Kandy, explored ancient sites and learned to live abroad.

Jennifer and I returned to Wisconsin where she taught and I worked at my secondary English certification. Soon, the travel bug bit again, and we were off to a hiring fair in Florida. We landed jobs at Colegio Americano de Quito, Ecuador, where we both taught high school English for three years. We traveled extensively in South and Central America, grooving on Latin America.

In 2001, we moved to New Delhi where we continued to teach English. Life grew wonderfully complicated and exciting with the adoption of our baby boy, Aniket, in 2004 and our baby girl, Misha, in 2007. We completed our family with the adoption of our little boy, Uwe, in Singapore in 2011. Jennifer and I continue to teach, travel and raise our family. We enjoy our summers on Hayward's beautiful Round Lake in northern Wisconsin. My personal interests include playing chess, fishing, singing and songwriting on my guitar, temple hunting, and cooking.

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